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Kemal Gün: Do not leave my children there alone

The condition of Kemal Gün, who is having a hunger strike and is on day 77, is getting worse. But he is still concerned about academic Nuriye Gülmen and elementary teacher Semih Özakça’s condition.

Kemal Gün’s health who started a hunger strike 77 days ago to take his sons body, who died during an airstrike in Dersim, from authorities  is getting worse. Washington Hatti reported the hunger strike in early days.

Kemal Gün who started to loss his eyesight and in a critical condition talked about Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Özakça ,two academics who were dismissed from their job by a decree law and are also on a hunger strike for 65 days as of today.

Gün on stutation of Gülmen and Özakça “Do not leave my children there alone, always be with them.”


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