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Erdogan’s Top Aide: “US must be grateful for Erdogan’s good will and patience’;”

İlnur Cevik, President Erdogan’s Chief Advisor, wrote an article about Mr. Erdogan’s upcoming US visit and meeting with President Donald Trump on May 16. “Our president will approach the meeting with good will and patience,” he said.

Cevik is also remembered by his recent remarks in which he hinted US forces may be hit by Turkish missiles ”accidentally” in N.Syria, before retracting his remarks later on.

Here are some notes from İlnur Cevik’s article on Yeni Birlik headlined ‘US must be grateful for Erdogan’s good will and patience’;

“Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on his way to China and US. He is expected to have an important meeting with his counterpart Donald Trump on May 16th.

But in the meantime, displeasing news continue to come from the USA. President Trump gave in to Pentagon’s demand for providing guns and ammo to ‘Syrian Kurds,’ and he signed an executive order for it. Thus, it became official that the new administration will collaborate with Syrian Kurds, who are a PKK extension.

Ankara felt a grave discomfort with this news and every department of the government mentioned their concerns about it. Our president said that he hopes Mr. Trump will correct this mistake. So, he will try to convince Trump to remedy this error.

Our President will approach this unfortunate decision with good will and patience. However, Americans must read this good will and patience correctly.

The ones who tested our President’s patience ended up as losers. And this includes the USA.”

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