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Another Morning Another Detained Academician

Turkey’s veteran journalist Hasan Cemal writes for T24:

I opened my computer early in the morning; an e-mail showed up.

“Hello Mr. Hasan,
At about 5:20 am, four or five civilian policemen from terrorism unit came in with a search warrant in their hands. They took two laptops and two mobile phones. One of them was mine. My name was not on the search warrant. But they took my phone, too. The police search took two hours. Then they took Ugur into custody. Since then, he has been waiting for interrogation in Caglayan Courthouse. They do not let me see him.”

That’s how I started the day.
With the news about the custody of an academician from a university…
I started the day again with a feeling of the deep desperation in my heart…
The number of academics dismissed from higher education institutions since July 15 is 4811.

Such a mistreatment did not occur during the history of Turkish Republic; never happened. It hurts.

I came across Sezen Aksu in the morning on Twitter.

“Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca are two young academicians who grew up with great difficulties. They are on a hunger strike for 60 days now. They gave up their lives. No intellectual disagreement or ideological struggle’s worth can be the life or death of a person. The most fundamental right that we will give to each other is to live and let live. If they melt away before our eyes, can we stay innocent from this sin?“

That’s how I started the day.
Vibrations of pain and helpless…
The conscientious voice that broke the heart of Sezen Aksu…
Another news on Twitter in the morning:

“A group of students at Boğaziçi University walked to the rectory to show solidarity with their professor, Noemi Levy-Aksu, whose work permit was canceled: “Do not touch my teacher.”

A banner swings from the top of the building: ” Truth can not be dismissed!”

This is how I start the day early in the morning.
The protests of the students are heating my heart up.
Because it is not easy to protest, say no object in the times that when we live in.
News from the Evrensel newspaper caught my attention in the morning.

Belge Publish House that has been publishing books for 40 years was raided by the police.

The police confiscated 2 thousand books.

That’s how I started the day.
With confiscated books…
With a raided publishing house…

Owners of Belge Publish House, Ragıp Zarakolu and his late wife Ayşenur Zarakolu broke taboos about Kurdish issue, 1915 issue, etc. spending many years in prison and resisting repression in Belge Publishing House.

For this reason, they became the enemy for those who are hostile to the “liberation of minds” in this country and those who always want to make this country live in a lie.

Our state’s enmity for the books has no end.
What a pity!

I read the tweets that P24 tweeted in the morning time:

Şahin Alpay: Detained for 284 days
Ahmet Altan: Detained for 229 days
Mehmet Altan: Detained for 230 days
Cumhuriyet writers: Detained for 191 days
A total of 163 journalists is in prison.

That’s how I started the day.
I salute my dear friend Nazlı Ilıcak behind the iron bars.
I salute all my friends and my colleagues who are in jail.
What else can I do?
What can I change?

I read the news from T24.

“On the birthday of Ahmet Sık, who is in jail, his friends came together at Macka Park and sent him a birthday message. Since the letters sent to him were seized, Ahmet Sik’s friends made an announcement to convey their messages. The advertisements included the photographs bore the words ‘Freedom to journalists’ and ‘Thank God we have you!’ and titled ‘Happy Birthday Ahmet Sik’ and ‘We will meet on open visiting days.’”

I start a day like this, with screams of meeting on free visit days…
Prisons continue to fill.
More and more going into exile.
What a pity!
There is so much suffering today that in this country…
And I can barely touch few of them…
I almost want to say “Don’t be pessimistic, ” but I can not.
I am not speaking.
Despite everything, 49 percent is flashing as a beam of hope at the end of the tunnel.
I woke up to an ash colored morning.

Translation Osman Bilgin, Edited by Jane Bannerman

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