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SADAT and Ottoman Quarries, AKP’s armed militia forces

CHP Deputy Chairman Veli Ağbaba, responded to the criticism of the CHP not to go out and lead the protest on the referendum night. Speaking to Hayko Bağdat from the ozguruz.org news portal, he said, “AKP armed civilians at that night and we thought they might cause an unforeseeable events.”

The CHP responded to criticism that the CHP left the protestors alone on the streets on April 16, and said “The CHP does not see the people on the street badly, does not discuss the legitimacy of the streets, and supports the NGOs on the streets, but did not invite them to go on the streets that night. Because we thought that in an environment that the people who said “no” won and were right, and AKP’s incitement could harm people.”

“They were angry enough to cause a bloodshed”

Reminding the AKP’s  and Goverments stance on the streets during Gezi protests in 2013, Ağbaba said, “That day they were angry enough to cause a bloodshed. if we would not intervene, the event would go so much far. We know also that protests on the streets have an effect”he said, and likewise  reminding the protests at the SBF, he said that if there were not CHP deputies there, the violence against the academics could be much harsh.

“SADAT and Ottoman Quarries, AKP’s armed militia forces”

The words of Agbaba about the subject are as follows:

“There is SADAT, there is the an organisation called Ottoman quarries. The Ottoman quarries are entirely the armed militia forces of the AKP … After those peaceful acts during Gezi protests in 2013, they were established with the aim of intervening against any civil protests. When we look at the pictures after July 15th, we can guess that the armed civilians on the stress were they. I would also like to say, our General Chairman received information about that a few mafia groups cooperating with these armed organisations. We thought that on the referendum night AKP might cause an event with many men armed. Maybe we did not make this call with the feeling that there might be events that would terrorize and provacate the environment of over 50% legitimate voters by putting provocateurs among the activists.”


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