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Pro-Kurdish HDP’s co-chair Demirtaş faces 96 summary proceedings, 29 cases

By Bulent Korkmaz

HDP’s (People’s Democratic Party) co-chair Demirtaş’s lawyers held a press briefing and told that 96 summary proceedings and 29 cases filed against their client.

Summary proceedings

Lawyers pointed out that 48 of the summary proceedings cover his political activities performed while he was serving as a member of the parliament (2007-2014) and other 48 are related to activities done between 2015 and May 20 2016 -the date constitutional amendment lifting deputies’ immunity came into force.  46 summary proceedings prepared shortly after President Erdoğan urged to lift the immunities, 15 written during the constitutional amendment being discussed at the parliament and 1 prepared just before the amendment came into effect and rushed to parliament in order to be included in the scope of the amendment.

39 of the summary proceedings comprise accusations of making a terrorist organization’s propaganda, 10 praising the crime and the criminal, 4 membership to an terrorist organization, 7 committing a crime in the name of a terrorist organization without being a member, 9 humiliating Turkish Republic institutions and organs, 7 insulting the President, 3 insulting the Prime Minister and others.  

28 summary proceedings out of 96 were prepared by 10 prosecutors removed from their posts on charges of having affiliation with Gülen (FETÖ) and arrested recently.


29 cases filed against Demirtaş and 9 of them accuse him of insulting the Republic, organs and institutions of the state, 5 insulting the President, 4 provoking the public for hatred and enmity, 4 making a terrorist organization’s propaganda, 2 violating the law on demonstrations and public meetings, 5 insulting individuals, 1 praising the crime and the criminal and 1 slander.

His phone calls with other members of the parliament, mayors and other members of his own party, trips to abroad and participation to the Democratic Society Congress deemed as evidences of membership to a terrorist organization. Words he used  as “Kurdistan” “guerilla” “resistance”, “the Kurdish people”, “ education in mother tongue” and making victory sign at Nevruz meetings were considered as evidences for other charges.

Hearing date has yet to be designated though over 7 month passed after his arrest and 4 months after the indictment accepted. Lawyers said they also appealed the Constitutional Court against Demirtaş’s arrest but the Court has made no decision so far.

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