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Turkish Karar Daily: Cross-border Operation Against YPG May Start After Ramadan

The Turkish Karar daily claimed that possible “operations that may be launched against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) are being spoken of more frequently” after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkish forces “may come overnight.” Karar daily further stated that “the time mentioned for the start of the operation will be after the month of Ramadan. According to military sources in the region, the Turkish Armed Forces’ (TSK) plans for operations ‘in all directions’ are ready.”

The report in the daily Karar daily is as follows:

Following Turkey announcing its goal of occupying Manbij after its Euphrates Shield operation, the US, Russia, and the Syrian regime entered a race to have a photograph with the YPG. However, this did not change the decisiveness of Turkey not to allow a terror corridor on its border that the YPG aims to create. A previous statement by President Erdogan that “We may come overnight” has been interpreted as the clearest expression of Turkey’s resoluteness. On the one hand, while Turkish authorities have tried to persuade its allies through bilateral and inter-delegation negotiations at the highest level, it has made sure that there are military preparations underway. According to information Karar daily received from military sources in the region, multiple plans targeting the YPG corridor are ready to be conducted “in all directions.” However, no definite date was reported for the operation. Information has been shared that the operation is planned for after Ramadan which will end on June 24th.

Harassment shots were fired from YPG emplacements after the air campaign that Turkey launched against the Sinjar and Karakoc regions. The TSK effectively responded to these shots. The latest information coming from the region is that the TSK’s howitzers are hitting PKK targets in Afrin’s Minaj and Maranez regions. Despite the PKK’s struggle to use the US, Russian and regime forces as a shield, it is believed that the PKK is worried about Turkey’s resoluteness in arranging operations against it. On the other hand, the PKK has assessed that US negotiations and influence are critical to the recently discussed conflict-free zones that Turkey, Russia, and Iran signed in Astana, Kazakhstan. A committee consisting of the Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar, MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan and Assistant Secretary General of the Presidency and Speaker Ibrahim Kalın will communicate Turkey’s operational plans in detail for both non-conflict areas and the YPG corridor during preliminary talks in the US.

Plans are ready for more than one area

Ankara, who after their Al-Bab operation has aimed to invade Manbij due to it remaining in the hands of the YPG, has been prevented achieving its goals by the US who has provided a security shield for the YPG. In tandem with this, Russia and the Assad regime have taken de facto control of Manbij. Turkey, however, has repeated at every turn that it will not allow the presence of the YPG on its borders. Different operational strategies have been developed in order to be able to perform the operation without confronting the US or Russia. It is said that the TSK has completed all the preparations necessary for the operation to be conducted in more than one area, and with more than one plan.

Translation by Şeref Güçlü, Editing by Iain McGillivray

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