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She wrote the news of the indictment and was punished

Cumhuriyet newspaper correspondent Canan Coşkun was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment for reporting on an indictment called: “The MİT has come out of the onion”

Coşkun’s lawyer, Abbas Yalcin, emphasized that his client did not constitute a criminal offense in the defense of her case, “this news was made on the basis of the petition submitted to the case file” the lawyer said.

“Although the prosecutor is being prosecuted for being a member of ‘FETÖ’, he still continues his duty. He wrote a 12-line indictment and considered the news story is insulting the MIT (the National Intelligence Agency), regardless of the content of the story, just looking at the title. There is no single claim that the limits of news coverage have been exceeded. This news is an ordinary forensic news story made out of the petition filed in the case file. Every journalist must do this for his / her duties. This matter is useful to the public and my client also did his job and informed the public. I demand acquittals,” the lawyer said.

Mustafa OZ, Texas

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