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Şebnem Korur Fincancı: We’ll Take Over the Hunger Strike

I don’t approve political protest using the human body!’

Academician Prof. Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı has made a call to Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Akakça who were purged from their positions with an emergency state decree and are on the 62nd day of their hunger strike, “We are calling Semih and Nuriye to end their hunger strike, we’ll take over’ she said.

Gülmen, a professor at Selcuk University and Özakça a class teacher at Mardin Mazıdağı Primary School were both were dismissed with a state of emergency decree and began a hunger strike on March 10 in Ankara.

Nuriye Gülmen in the 61st day of the strike had medical complications and refused medical help during the hunger strike to demand their jobs back.

Semih Akakca who lost 17 kilos during the hunger strike said that they would continue the hunger strike until their demands are met.

Prof. Fincancı told Hayır Newspaper that survived this long because of B1 supplements, “But unfortunately they are doing the hunger strike in the streets, so they are open to infections,” she said. In hunger strikes, deaths commonly occur due to infections.

Giving the example of another hunger striker, Behiç, Prof Fincanci said that “There was severe tissue loss. It took too much time for recuperation, but with the help of vitamin B1 supplements, there was no lasting damage to his health.”

The situation is a bit different for Semih and Nuriye. They don’t make any energy restrictions since they dance in the streets.

Professor Fincanci said that they started a rotative hunger strike as ‘Peace Academicians,’ and asked Semih and Nuriye to stop their hunger strike and let them we take over. “I don’t approve political protest using the human body, there are different methods to protest. The hunger strike is the last resort. But if this is the only way to save their lives, we’ll do it’ she said.

Translated by Ebru Aksay, Edited by Jane Bannerman

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