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Police Driver killed 2 little kids in Silopi Arrested

Local authorities remain silent on the death of two kids by a police vehicle

By Bülent Korkmaz

An armored police vehicle -driven allegedly by drunken police officers- crashed into a house and killed two kids while they were sleeping late on last Wednesday, in Silopi.

The vehicle destroyed the wall of the house and took the lives of Muhammet, 7 and Furkan, 6. Witnesses said the officials were intoxicated and left the scene swiftly.

No adequate information has been released by the local authorities so far on the issue. Asked about the incident Silopi District Governor Office officials confined themselves telling the district governor Savaş Konak is on leave and they have no authority to talk.

On Tuesday morning reported by the local media that after about a week of outrage, driver of the police armored vehicle that killed the little kids got arrested.

Lately Şırnak Governor Office announced that policemen were not drunk. The announcement follows as: “We are deeply saddened by the death of our two children after a police vehicle crashed into a house on May 9, at 00.30, in Silopi district. Contrary to the allegations circulated in some media organs and social media, police officers found alcohol free after having been subjected to blood and breathe tests. The case is being investigated thoroughly administratively and judicially.”

Later on Governor of Şırnak Ali Su visited and offered his condolences to the family. He labeled the incident as “a matter of fate”. It is still not known whether any administrative actions have been taken for the police officers.

HDP (Pro-Kurdish party) spokesperson and Şanlıurfa Deputy Osman Baydemir asked a written parliamentary question to be answered by PM Binali Yıldırım. He claimed witnesses realized officials were intoxicated and so beaten by the police to silence. Baydemir asked the following questions.

1)      How many police officers were there in the vehicle at that night?

2)      When is the crime scene investigation take place and what is the outcome?

3)      Were the involved police officers subjected to medical examination? If yes, what is the result? If not, why?

4)      Were police involved officers taken into custody? Have any administrative actions been taken for the police officers?

5)      Have any administrative actions been taken for the police officers who battered the eyewitnesses?

6)      What are the conditions for police officers to be assigned in armored vehicles, in Silopi? How patrolling police officers are assigned and how often are they monitored?

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