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Turkey is building a WALL to the Iranian Border

It has been reported that Turkey is also preparing to build a wall to Iran border after Syria border.

Abdulkadir Selvi from Hurriyet and Serpil Cevikcan from Milliyet newspapers, shared notes received from a high level officer about new security measures in their columns which are almost identical.

According to these notes, first place is building a wall to Iran border. Selvi reflected the notes transmitted to him with following expressions : “PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) has camps in Maku, Dambat, Navur, Kotr, Keneresh and Shedian on Iranian-Turkish border. In these camps, total 800-1000 militants are living. These are entering Turkey for attacks. When operations are made to Agri, Tendurek regions, they are escaping to these camps.

As security measures, 70 km of Agri-Igdir borderline will be closed with a wall and other sections will be controlled with towers, barb wires. And all this perimeter will be lighted up.

Sevli and CEvikcan also stated that Elazig-Dersim highway will be under surveillance 24/7 with cameras to prevent the militants be sent to cities. Lastly information about 3000 civilian FETO imam was also expressed.

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