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Turkish Pro-AKP Media: US Sent New Armors to boost “PYD/PKK” in Syria

Turkish pro-government daily newspaper Star reported that United States sent a convoy of 48 military vehicles and 250 troops to PYD. The paper called the yet unconfirmed news as “a scandalous decision to help the terrorist groups.” Paper, like other pro-AKP Turkish media calls PYD as ”PYD/PKK”, tying it to directly.

The newspaper speculated that immediately after Turkey hit PKK targets in the Karacok region of Syria, which the group calls itself and known as YPG, USA provided 22 trucks of arms, ammunition and vehicle support to the ‘terrorist organization.’

The newspaper quoted the Syrian Local Coordination Committees (LCC) claim that the US has sent an additional support convoy of 48 vehicles and 250 soldiers to the ‘PYD / PKK terrorist organization’ operating in northern Syria.

Star newspaper, in the same article, pointed out that the US “which supplies weapons, ammunition and training support to the terrorist organization” increased its support to PYD / PKK after ”Turkey’s cross-border preventive intervention.”

The newspaper reported that PYD used American-made TOW missiles in its attacks targeting elements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) at the border. In the same article, the newspaper claims that over the past few months, United States has supported the terrorist organization with multiple rocket launchers, 80 and 120-millimeter mortars, MK19 grenade throwers, M4 Cabinets and M16 infantry rifles, Humvee-type military vehicles and Cougar-type armored personnel carriers.

The news report repeated claims that the United States also supplied FGM-148 Javelin tank defenders to PYD, despite refusing to sell the ammunition to Turkey in the past.

US considers YPG as a vital component of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Arab and Kurdish fighters backed by the US to drive Islamic State out of its Syria stronghold, Raqqa.

US NATO ally Turkey views the YPG as an extension of PKK, an internationally recognized terror group.

Öner Doğan

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