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Turkey becomes AKP Party State: “90% of new appointees are AKP members”

CHP’s Barış Yarkadaş during a press conference said that ninety percent of the new appointees for judgeship were AKP members. Yarkadas, during the presser, listed the names of 30 new judges with close ties to AKP. The names on the list are surprising, to say the least.

Barış Yarkadas said: ‘Appointing partisan judges means the death of justice. Ninety percent of 1341 appointees are AKP supporters or AKP members, and this is the last nail in the coffin of Turkish justice.’

Former journalist MP Yarkadas gave carnations to the reporters at his press conference at the Turkish Grand National Assembly to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day. “The media is not free, but we’ll keep fighting for media freedom,” Yarkadas said adding that 154 journalists in prison without an indictment, and then showed a banner with the photos of the newly appointed judge. ‘These judges will decide on the faith of our [journalist] friends. They are members of AKP.”

Detailing the background information of thirty new appointees, Yarkadas said ‘For example, head of Office of Council to the President, Ahmet Karayigit’s daughter Sevcan Karayigit was appointed as a judge on 24th April.’

Cheif Justice Zerrin Güngör’s daughter Gonca Hatinoğlu was among the names appointed as a magistrate. “I’m not questioning their qualifications, but Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag should make their exam scores public’, Yarkadas said.

In Turkey, the selection process for judges and prosecutors involves a written central examination and an oral interview by a board consisting of seven members, five of them representatives of the
Ministry of Justice. Recently the minimum score requirement -seventy points- have been removed with an executive order.

Yarkadas said: ‘The score requirement has been eliminated by the state of emergency decree and we don’t know how 3000 candidates were affected by this change. For example 9 of 10 people that passed the oral interview in Giresun were provincial directors or active members of AKP organizations.’

Office of Council to the President made a statement saying that Sevcan Karayigit’s exam scores were 81.8 and 71.9.

Some of the new appointed names:

Sevcan KARAYİĞİT, Furkan BARUTÇU, İlyas DEMİRCAN, Yadigar DEMİRCAN, Serkan BAŞOK, Ahmet Emre ARIKAN, Aslı ARSLANHAN, Nahide HAKAN, Bekir YILDIZ, Necdet TARHAN, Açelya KAHYA, Ethem BAŞER, Cemal YAYLA, Ömer Faruk YANIK, İpek KIŞLALI, Emrah GÜRGER, Özlem GÜRGER, Yavuz ERTUGAY, Alpaslan GÜZEL, Neşe ARISOY, Ömer ÇAĞLAR, Mahmut ÇAKMAK, Aslı Çetin TURPÇU, Esra Işıl SAĞLAM, Hüseyin ÇAMLI, Pelin Burçin DİLMEN, Mustafa KİLİTÇİ, Adem METİK, Adem YILDIRIM.

Translation Ebru Aksay

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