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Pentagon Slams Erdogan’s top adviser, finds remarks “unacceptable”

By Ilhan Tanır, Washington DC

Pentagon spokesperson Eric Pahon, in an email to Washington Hattı, slammed Turkish President Erdogan’s top foreign policy adviser’s threat of hitting American forces ”accidentally” in N. Syria.

Top adviser İlnur Çevik, stated on live radio interview referencing US forces patrolling near Turkey border in N. Syria, ”If they go little further then our forces [wouldn’t care whether] there are American armors there.. Suddenly you happen to see there are few missiles hit them [Americans] accidentally too!”

Pahon, in an exclusive statement, stated: ”We find these comments to be irresponsible and unacceptable.”

Pahon went on to state that ”Turkey and the United States have been Allies since Turkey joined NATO in 1952 and the United States remains committed to Turkey’s security.  Our forces have worked together to promote global security in deployments around the world.  We do not intend to change that.”

Pahon confirmed that the Coalition forces patrolling near Turkey border in northeastern part of Syria-Turkey border, ”to assess reports from both the SDF and Turkey regarding skirmishes and cross-border fires between their respective security forces.”

US: Two of our most trusted sources are Turkey and SDF

Pentagon spokesperson Pahon also described both Turkey and SDF as ”our most trusted partners in the fight to defeat ISIS.” Turkey describes Syrian Kurdish forces in southern border as ”terrorists.”

Pahon said: ”The patrols’ purpose is to discourage escalation and violence between two of our most trusted partners in the fight to defeat ISIS and reinforce the Coalition’s commitment to both Turkey and the SDF.”

Finally. Mr. Pahon called on all parties to remain focus on to defeat ISIS: ”We call on all parties in the region to remain focused on the fight to defeat ISIS, which is the greatest threat to regional and worldwide peace and security.”

Erdogan set to visit Washington May 16, 17

This new tension comes on the heel of Pres Erdogan set to visit Washington on May 16, 17 to meet with President Trump. Earlier reports also suggested that US Secretary of State Mr. Tillerson’s recent phone call after Turkey hitting YPG forces in N. Syria with Turkish FM Mr. Cavusoglu ”was a total disaster.”

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