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107 women slaughtered in 100 days

94 women had lost their lives to male violence in the previous year, Turkish press reported. This year, the number has gone up to 107 in the same period.
According to the media research conducted by Ajans Press, there were 4 thousand 90 news stories in the media about violence towards and the murder of women in the first hundred days of 2016. In the first hundred days of 2017, the number of news stories was determined to be 2 thousand 44.
The low number of news stories compared to last year despite the rise in murders has raised some questions. Some interesting details surfaced in the stories that did make it to the news. Five of the murdered women lost their lives even though there was a protection order for them. When province-based statistics were computed, it became apparent that Istanbul was the lead in the murders of women. According to the “We Will Stop Women Murders Platform” (“Kadın Cinayetlerini Durduracağız Platformu”); there were 18 murders in Istanbul, followed by Izmir (11), Bursa (9), Antalya (8) and Balıkesir (6).
Another murdered woman in Istanbul
In a picnic area in Tuzla Akfırat, Şükrü Demiral shot Müzeyyen K. with a gun around 4 PM and then committed suicide. The healthcare teams that came to the scene after reports from bystanders declared that both persons had lost their lives. Crime scene investigation teams surveyed the area. The bodies were sent to the Institution of Forensic Medicine after an investigation by the prosecutor.
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