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The decree banned the access to the National Library’s archive

After the failed coup attempt of July 2016, the Turkish government had declared the state of emergency and issued decrees including the closure of some media organs.

In an effort to comply with the decrees, Ministry of Culture and Tourism instructed the National Library to bar the access to the archives of those closed media organs’ publications

According to Şeyma Paşayiğit from Cumhuriyet Daily, the National Library hanged a list of banned publications in the research zone and asked the concerned researchers to lodge a petition indicating the main reason of the research on the prohibited publications. To get access to these documents researchers need approval from the Ministry and reportedly numerous examiners are still waiting to get.

On the list there are newspapers(Zaman, Bugün, Millet, Meydan, Yarına Bakış, Yeni Hayat) and journals (Aksiyon, Nokta, Sızıntı) of 29 closed publishing houses some of which sealed for having affiliation with Gulen movement.

Bülent Korkmaz

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