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Foreign Policy Failures Lowered Turkish Passport Power Rank

 By Bulent Korkmaz

According to The Global Passport Power Rank prepared annually by Arton Capital, a Canada-based consulting firm, Turkey ranks 42th in 2017 in terms of visa-free travel ability. Turkey went one step down compared to 2016, reported by Turkish Press. The list features 193 member countries of the UN.

Germany and Singapore passports are on the top of the list by enabling visa-free travel to 159 countries.  Swiss passport follows with 158 countries and Denmark, Norway, Finland, the USA, the UK, France, İtaly, Spain with 157.

Turkish passport ranks 42th with Montenegrin, Moldavian and Nicaraguan ones enabling visa-free travel to 104 countries.

War-torn countries Syria (31), Iraq (28), Pakistan (27), and Afghanistan(24) rank respectively at the bottom.

Bülent Korkmaz

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