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Male justice says: acquittal for the raper, lawsuit for the victim!

In Manisa, Huseyin O, who has raped Z.G. was acquitted, but the rape victim was sued for indemnity. Z.G. is furious with the decision and she is getting prepared to take the case to ECHR.

Last year in Manisa, General Manager of Valfsel, was sued for sexual assault against his employee Z.G. Trial began at May 30th at Manisa 6th Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction and final decision was acquittal for the defendant. But; the sexual assault victim woman was sued for 50.000 TRL indemnity on the basis for causing “material and moral damage to the company”.

Z.G. who reacted to the acquittal said: “After the decision, both my lawyers and lawyers appointed by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies filed an appeal. The other party has twisted the facts and so the court decided for acquittal based on failure of evidence. Court said something like he is not guilty, and now we have filed our appeal and waiting for the reclamation period. Depending on the result of my appeal, I will call on ECHR if needed. They claim not guilty before the verdict is finalized. Our struggle is yet on. That man is an molester and cannot be cleared.”

Guliz Türker



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