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Simsek is Hopeful Turkey and Germany Can Normalize Relations

Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek made statements to the German Bild newspaper on Turkey-Germany economic relations. According to DW Turkish, the Turkish minister said “I think it is time for a normalization of our bilateral relations” adding “Turkey needs economic aid from Germany” on Monday. He discussed the ways of revitalizing the Turkish economy, which was weakened, in the meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and said: “We need Germany [to be able to revitalize Turkish economy].”

Minister Şimşek had made a statement at the end of March to Handelsblatt, one of Germany’s most important economic newspapers, expressing hope that the accusatory discourse would calm down both in Turkey and Europe and that they would be able to return to a positive agenda again. The tensions between Turkey and Germany were heightened by  President Recep Tayyip calling some German decisions as ‘Nazi practice’ and the arrest of Die Welt reporter Deniz Yücel in Turkey in response to obstacles to the Turkish ministers’ referendum activities in Germany.

Schäuble: Economic support for Turkey became hard

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said in a statement to German Der Spiegel a couple of weeks ago that he had conducted negotiations with Turkish counterpart Şimşek about economic support for Turkey before the arrest of journalist Deniz Yücel. Schaeuble said that the talks were put on hold after the arrest of a German journalist whom Erdogan has accused of supporting terrorism.


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