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1273 Detained Since the Constitutional Referendum

The Ministry of the Interior detained 1273 people in a week for ‘being a member of a terrorist organization.’ The Ministry provided details of the operations and the total number of detainees between 17-24 April. According to the report, 1015 FETÖ suspects, 185 PKK suspects, 47 ISIS suspects people were taken into custody. 26 people were arrested because they were members of various ‘leftist organizations.’

In the 321 operations conducted against the PKK, 185 people were detained with the claim of ‘assisting and harboring the terrorist group.’ In the Ministry’s statement, it is stated that a total of 66 terrorists were deactivated, “53 dead, 8 surrendered, 5 alive”. According to the ministry, 30 improvised explosives and mines that were seized during the operations across the country were destroyed. 77 weapons, including 2 tons of substance used for making bombs, 65 hand grenades, 70 heavy and long barreled weapons, were discovered.

Osman Bilgin


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