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Millennium a.k.a. Y generation are not interested in Istanbul

Nestpick, a Berlin-based home-rental site, made a list of the best cities in the world for the millennium generation, also known as the “Y-generation”.

The site, following the migration route of the millennium generation, listed 100 cities where they wanted to live the most based on 16 criterion.

Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich were among the top cities while Istanbul could take only 99th place in 100 cities.

Other cities in the list of last five among 100 cities along with Istanbul were Shanghai, Osaka, Tokyo and Lima.

Here are some of the factors that Nestpick especially takes into account when making the list of the top 100 cities for “Y generation”:

–          An emerging business world

–          Providing affordable access to the needs of young people

–          Tolerance and an understanding of all embracing

–          Recreation and leisure facilities

The factors that played a major role in Amsterdam being in the first place were the strong business world, the openness and providing high level of entertainment.

Berlin, which is in second place, stands out with its night life.

On the other hand Istanbul ranked last in terms of gender equality.

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