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A Poll Official: “AKP Youth League” attacked me with school desks, bottles..


More details surfaced about the attack on Melisa Gulsah Yet (Gulsah Y. in our previous report), who was serving as a poll worker during the Turkish Constitutional referendum on April 16th. The amateur camera footage of the event shows a brawl between two groups followed by the female poll worker being carried to an ambulance.

Melisa Yet shared the cell phone footage of the event through social media and claimed that the assailants were members of the ‘AKP Youth League.’
Ms. Yet said that the brawl started after she objected a ballot for having a mark on it. The voting committee, according to Ms. Yet, took a vote on the ballot and decided to invalidate the ballot which was for “YES.” “A group that was monitoring the vote count procedure opposed the decision, and the chair of the ballot box committee asked them to formally appeal the decision,” she said.

Saying that a group of about 50 people started brawling after she conveyed the chairman’s decision, Ms. Yet said: “School desks, bottles, and many other objects were thrown at us. I got kicked from the back and fell. I started bleeding, and I don’t remember what happened next.”

Melisa Yet, who was taken to the hospital following the events, had suffered a neck injury and bruises in her back and abdomen.

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