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CHP Files Petition to Challenge Vote Decision

CHP announced that they would appeal the Supreme Election Council(YSK)’s decision to accept unsealed ballots as valid, to the Council of State. Based in Ankara, the Council of State (Danıştay) is the highest administrative court in the Republic of Turkey.

“We filed a petition with the Council of State today to challenge YSK’s decision to admit the unsealed ballots,” CHP Deputy Bülent Tezcan said. In his written statement, Tezcan stated they will be petitioning today to the Council of State, adding:

” We will also demand a stay order for the count until the ballots are analyzed to assure referendum results’ certainty. Our lawyer Atilla Kart will make necessary explanations in front of YSK at 16.00 after he files the petition to the Council of State. We will pursue all legal options to protect the voting rights of 49 million citizens, regardless of how they voted.”

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