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Even the Dead Voted for the Referendum

A board member of the “No and Beyond” initiative – a civil society group that was formed to monitor the Turkish referendum and is now organizing legal help for those petitioning irregularities – Doğan Ergün, told that they determined some cases where the dead have voted on a tv program.

“In doing so, AKP did what Fetullah Gülen suggested they should do in the 2010 referendum” he added referring to then Erdogan ally cleric’s words in support of the 2010 Constitutional Amendment Referendum. In a supportive and hyperbolic tone, Gülen had said; “Even the dead should stand up and vote.”

Since 2013 former allies Turkish President Erdogan and self-exiled Muslim cleric Gulen fell into a bitter feud and parted ways.

Ergün said they determined various kinds of voting irregularities on Sunday’s referendum during a tv program on TELE1 adding that they hope this study ‘will be helpful for understanding and analyzing the past and possible future voter fraud.’

Bülent Korkmaz

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