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EP President Tajani: “We shall be mediator between Erdogan Supporters and opposition “

Antonio Tajani shared his comments about the referendum made on Sunday in Turkey while interview made by Italian Ka Repubblica newspaper.

Italian politician stated that they are expecting conclusive report of which preliminary report of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) was quiet worrying and considering these indications would become definite, they would have to give a rough message to Turkey and President Erdogan : “In case the accusations would become definite, European Parliament is ready to held a discussion over Turkey by the session on 26th April.

“We shall be mediator between Erdogan Supporters and opposition “

He said that if Turkey would like to stay as candidtate to  European Union, they are obliged to insist that Turkey would have to meet Copenhagen criterias,  and it was seen that result of referendum was more or less same , hereafter it would be important how minorities and opposition would be treated : “We must insist asking a candidate country to respect our basic values and principles but we shall also not close the door fully. This would be scoring an own goal. In the meantime, we shall take into account that other half of the country is defending the country of Ataturk and secularism and does not believe completely to the reform tried to be realized with this referendum. “

He also underlined that Turkey must stay as an addressee to EU : “Europe must keep playing the role of mediator between half section of the country supporting Erdogan and the other half against him”

Death sentence would drag Turkey to past which is a RED line for Europe 

He also commented on the discussions for bringing back the death sentence : “Binging back the death sentence would drag Turkey back to 2004. This is the red line fo Europe which is the sole continent not applying deah sentence. If death sentence would be re-activated, Ankara would take out itself completely out of European perpective.

By wishing that relations between Turkey and EU would not gotten worse, he continued : “Only with dialogue , we can prevent this country’s orientation to  authoritativeness and pressure on minorities and opposition.”

Experience politician also alleged that if this would happen, Turkey would have decided that it would not be a future in Europe. By underlining that breaking the connections with Europe would not be good for Turkey itself, he continued : “Dialogue is also a benefit for Turkey, it is enough to consider the trade agreements made. Europe must give a decisive reaction to  risk of authoritativeness but we can not stop dialogue and we shall not forget cooperation for reguge crisis, struggle & cooperation with terrorism . These 3 main subjects are crucial for our continent and Turkey as of today. “

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