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Number of “no” votes according to CHP tallies 200K more than official numbers

CHP İstanbul Province President Cemal Canpolat said the CHP have contested around 200,000 votes in Istanbul and applied to the election board for the cancellation of election results in 15 districts. Canpolat announced that according to the signed statements sent to them, “no” received 52.2% of votes cast in Istanbul. İHA, however, placed the “no” total at 51.35%.

Cumhuriyet reported that Cemal Canpolat, CHP’s Istanbul province president, speaking to the Istanbul Municipal Council CHP Caucus, said voter turnout in Istanbul was 88.7% and noted that “we [CHP] have contested 1900 ballots in 36 districts for reasons including missing ballots and insufficient ballots with YSK seals. These issues have been observed in more or less all Istanbul districts.” Canpolat said these issues were noted at high rates — 30 per ballot box in some districts, 50 in others, and in some as many as 70. Canpolat added that these problems were observed and documented by the CHP. Canpolat, who said the provision by YSK of insufficient ballots was a first in Turkey and Istanbul, added that “at many polling stations, we documented that even after the election ballots had not arrived.”

Yes Stamps Also Used

Canpolat also asserted that some Istanbul polling places additional stamps used stamps other than the official “Tercih” (“preference”) stamp: “This is also a first for Istanbul and Turkey. YSK has only one official stamp: ‘Tercih’. Our colleagues noted that in addition to this stamp, some poling places were also using a ‘Yes’ stamp, our colleagues who made these determinations also filed challenges for those polling places where this was observed.”

Findings Documented in Official Statements

Canpolat also alleged that double voting occurred at some polling places in Istanbul. Cemal Canpolat said that votes cast on ballots not bearing official YSK stamps were also identified. Canpolat, who explained that all legal rules had been followed by CHP observers, said: “We determined that the TSK conducted this election in such a way as to allow all types of fraud, and have documented this in official statements.” Canpolat also said that the district presidents of 36 districts have applied to district election councils for the cancellation of the election.

Irregularities Identified

CHP Istanbul province president Cemal Canpolat said that signed statements were taken at all Istanbul polling places and that the CHP stands ready to defend the will of the voters: “We identified all of the irregularities in Istanbul, and I specifically want to note that we will protect every vote cast in Istanbul.”

52.20 Perecent “No”

Canpoloat said that according to signed statements from all Istanbul districts, “no” received 52.2% of the Istanbul vote: “We have these signed statements in hand. To now, the number of cancelled votes in Istanbul is nearly 138,000. A few of these have been accepted, and have gone for our side. The challenges are ongoing, because the contest period is three days. In three days, we will have all of the details.”

Cancellation Requests in 15 Districts

Canpolat, who said the CHP had challenged nearly 1900 ballot boxes, explained that many of the challenged boxes included ballots without official stamps. Canpolat said they have applied for the cancellation of the election in 15 districts: “We have applied for the cancellation of the election in several districts. In places like Sultanbeyli or Bağcılar, in several of our districts we have made applications related to cancellation.”

As Many as 200,000 Votes Contested

Canpolat, in response to a question, said there could be as many as 200,000 votes challenged, including those votes thought to be duplicates.

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