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Ezidis celebrated Chwarshama Soori (Red Wednesday) the new year

As parts of their traditions during a ceremony to celebrate Chwarshama Soori which is the Ezidi Holy Temple of Lalish in Shekhan Valley in celebration of the Ezidi New Year, “Charshama Sor” in Kurdish. The ceromony took place on Wednesday at the Lalish temple near Dohuk, northern Kurdistan Region. 

The ceremony began with a procession of torches, led by survivors, girls abducted by the Islamic State (IS) dressed in white.

They traveled through the crowded atrium and into the Temple, as people prepared to light candles.

A new, handcrafted candelabrum was presented by one of the local sheikhs and, once the oil was poured, Ezidis began lighting candles and paraffin torches outside the Temple.

Many young women and men sat on rooftops and balconies observing the lighting ceremony; others danced in the atrium as the evening progressed.

Since August 2014, Ezidis suffered genocide at the hands of IS with over 3,000 Ezidi women and children still in IS captivity.

Most Ezidi areas in northern Iraq and Kurdistan are still either under the control of IS or unsuitable for families to return due to security risks.

It is also, Yazidis celebrated in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, in the historic city centre of Aleppo in Syria, it was the first time.

The Ezidi religion was not recognized in the Syrian constitution, the Red Wednesday rituals were performed in the houses secretly.

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