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Election fraud is larger than imagined! A shocking findings by a NGO

Election fraud is larger than imagined! A sensational report from a NGO called “NO and Beyond” (Hayır ve Ötesi)

A report by a non-governmental organization Hayır ve Ötesi discloses the levels of alleged election fraud on the referendum whose credibility was greatly shadowed by the scandalous decision of Supreme Election Council (SEC).

Hayır ve Ötesi, an organization responsible for the safety of the ballot boxes at many locations during the referendum, prepared a report with several stunning details on SEC’s decision which regarded the votes without any stamp on the ballot envelopes as valid, according to abcgazete.

A Hayır ve Ötesi volunteer, Doğan Ergün shared the details of the report.

In 961 ballot boxes where the unstamped envelopes were counted as valid votes, all of the votes were casted in favor of “YES”.

Some of the early findings from Hayır ve Ötesi are as follows:

  1. In our early investigations, the number of ballot boxes where all the valid votes are in favor of “YES” and 0 votes casted in “NO” is 961.
  2. When these 961 ballot boxes are analyzed with comparative study including the 1st November election results, we observe an absence of a substantial number of opposition party constituents in the referendum.
  3. In approximately 30% of these ballot boxes where all valid votes are casted in “YES”, we observe all the listed voters casted their votes. All the listed voters (more than the actual number of the voters in lists, even after when the election officials are included) casted their votes in favor of “YES”.
  4. In such sweeping “YES” votes, the city of Şanlıurfa is one of our focus areas, especially in Viranşehir where many votes are casted with the same signature.
  5. Our investigations are still on going for the ballot boxes where there were fewer than 5 “NO” votes in this referendum but there were much higher opposition votes in a previous election. We need to highlight that the number of such ballot boxes is quite high.
  6. Lastly, there are 7048 ballot boxes where the number of casted votes is equal to/ more than the number of the voters in lists (which includes the election officials). The number of votes used in the boxes totals at 1,672,249 and the 60.7% of these votes are casted in favor of “YES”. Such results reinforce the election fraud claims of casting “YES” votes on the behalf of absentees.

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