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Protesters saying “No, not finished” were detained in Bornova

According to a news by the Etkin (Effective) News Agency (ETHA) the crowd who came together at Küçükpark Square in the district of Bornova, Izmir, and were chanting the slogans “No, not finished” and “You can not silence the voice of No” was attacked several times and it was learned that the detainees were struck in police cars.

The crowd in Bornova, Izmir, gathered at Küçükpark saying “No, not finished” about the unlawful referendum results. The police blockaded the crowd. There was a commotion between the police and the crowd who were reacting to the blockade. Nearly 10 people were taken into custody. The crowd that continued to wait in Küçükpark Square with the slogan “You can not silence the voice of No” sustained their reaction with Çav Bella song.

The actor named Vedat Kuşku from the Duvara Karşı Theater Troupe gave a show. Police threatened to interfere in case slogans were chanted. The audience reacted, “Can not we stay even at the park?”

The police attacked once more to the crowd who had started to dance the halay with applause. Numerous people, including actor Vedat Kusçu, were taken to police cars for GBT (General Information Scan) control. It was learned that there were those who were beaten in the car.

Five people detained yesterday, now in the prosecutor’s office

When the people who gathered in front of Bornova YSK (High Electoral Board) yesterday evening ended their action an attack had been organized by the police and fascists, 5 people had been taken into custody. 5 people whose legal proceedings in the police station completed were referred to the prosecutor’s office for “insulting the President”.

Şeref Güçlü

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