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‘No’ votes win in 9 of 10 cities whose Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) municipalities that the trustees are appointed.

According to the informal results and the single publisher AA (Anadolu Agency), ‘No’ votes are higher in 9 of 10 cities whose DBP municipalities that the trustees are appointed while ‘Yes’ votes are higher in 1 of 10.

According to the news from Bianet, in the 2014 local elections, DBP became the first party in 11 provinces, 95 districts. With the decree-law issued under the State of Emergency, the trustees were appointed in to a total of 85 municipalities, including 10 provinces, 64 districts and 11 towns. In the 9 of these municipalities (Diyarbakir, Van, Mardin, Hakkari, Sirnak, Batman, Siirt, Ağrı, Tunceli), ‘No’ votes were higher, while ‘Yes’ votes were higher in Bitlis. 

Former mayor of Mardin (one of these cities) Ahmet Türk who was also taken off the mayorship by the Turkish government, said that the government put a big pressure on the ‘rural people’ through the governor, the trustees, and the village guards. He continued as followings: ‘However, the result is definite. The result, especially in Kurdistan, is a red card. This is the indication that Kurdish people don’t accept what they lived through, trustees and the arrest of deputies. Indeed, our people have expressed their sensitivity to this issue. It should be seen as an expression of not accepting all the illegality against us.’

He said: “It is important that ‘No’ voters are higher in 4 big cities. The results of this referendum will be discussed for 50 years. In fact, it is necessary to add 20% to the ‘No’ results everywhere in the region. There was a situation in which they were threatened. If they were in a democratic environment the rates would be different. There is no electoral realignment from AKP to HDP. Nothing changes for HDP. Now the results show that the politics that was carried out and excluded the Kürds were not true and were not accepted.”

Osman Bilgin

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