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Image from Yeni Safak Newspaper

Erdogan on OSCE Report: We Don’t Care What You Have to Say

Pro-government newspaper Yeni Safak reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan replied by saying the following about the recent OSCE report during a speech at the Presidential complex:

“First things first; know your place. We will not listen to, nor will we read your politically motivated reports. We will continue on our path. We don’t care. This country just had the most democratic election seen in any Western country. You do not have any right to shamelessly judge our election while you were stopping the Turkish ministers from entering Europe, while you were suppressing our meetings. Don’t try to cast a shadow upon our elections. You cannot succeed.”

About EU accession talks the President said:

“They are threatening us with freezing EU membership talks. We’ll do another referendum for that. One of the founders of the EU, Britain, did the Brexit referendum. The nation will decide. We will ask our people, whatever our nation decides, we’ll do that. Either they [EU] keep their promises to Turkey, or they will bear the consequences.”

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