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Turkey is voting – live blog

4.46 pm EST: Thousands are protesting the election results and marching in Besiktas, Istanbul’s secular city

4.10 pm EST: US State Dept to Washingtonhatti.com: “We are, of course, following the referendum voting outcome in Turkey. We will refrain from commenting until the results have been confirmed and OSCE/ODIHR has reported on its initial findings.”

US State Dept says it will refrain commenting over elections until OSCE findings

4.05 pm EST: Erdogan: ‘don’t waste your time by trying to object to results. It’s over.’ Claims elections are done. Main Opposition Leader Kılıçdaroplu: Turkish Elections Council made results of referendum questionable.

3.35 pm EST: Turkish President Erdogan says Turkey has made “fundamental change” by today’s voting. Erdogan: ‘don’t waste your time by trying to object to results. It’s over.’ Claims elections are done.

1.24 pm EST: CHP Vice Chair Aksunger says CHP to challenge 37% of ballots boxes for irregularities. CHP’s Tezcan says only 53% of results are disclosed

12.59pm EST: Opened Ballot boxes: 97.1%  Yes: 51.4%  No: 48.6%

11.10 am EST: Opened Ballot boxes: 44.4% Yes: 58.6% No: 41.4%

10.28 am EST:  Turkish electoral council’s controversial last minute decide: ballots w/out official stamps valid unless challenged

10.00 am EST:  Ballot boxes are closed all across Turkey. 5 pm local Turkey time – live blog – Turkey is voting

8.46 am EST: Both former president Abdullah Gul and former prime minister Davutoglu voted but refused to say which way they did.

For more how former AKP heavyweights refused to campaign for Erdogan and “yes” vote: http://washingtonhatti.com/2017/04/15/uncertainty-cast-in-referendum-campaign-by-founders-of-akp/


8.41 am EST: DW Turkish reported Turkish police is waiting at ballot boxes to catch people who are on “search list.” Same reports indicate police was able to catch “some” voters.

Adana’da polis aranan kişileri yakalamak için sandık başında nöbet tuttu. Kontroller sonrası bazı aranan kişilerin gözaltına alındığı bildirildi. Polis, yaklaşık 2 bin aranan şahsın seçmen listelerinde kayıtlı olduğunu belirledi.


8.08am EST: 1917 born woman voted in Istanbul. When asked about her vote, she yelled “NO” from the voting booth.


Update 8.04 am EST: A video showing ballot box official stamping “yes” on votes sparked an outrage in Turkey. A male official whose face is not shown in the video making a joyful sounds as stamping on the votes “yes.”



Update 7.50am EST: A disable Turkey citizen was told to repair elevator otherwise he needs to climb up the stairs.


Uptate 7.40 am EST: Long time Erdogan supporter Ali Bayramoglu, recently withdrew his support from Erdogan and his governing party also left pro-gvt paper YSafak. Mr. Bayramoglu also stated openly he will vote “no” at the referendum. Today he got attacked group of AKP supporter at voting station.


It’s prohibited for anyone else to accompany voters to the voter booth. It’s recorded in Southeast village. Suspected headman is controlling how a citizen is voting. Clear violation.


Turkey is voting for constitutional amendments.

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