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Abdullah Gül will vote ‘no’ tomorrow

Former President Abdullah Gül’s old friend and well known journalist Fehmi Koru, in a column in his blog conveyed the message that Gül will vote ‘No’ in tomorrow’s referendum.

Koru first said that they have served some of their photos, of which they were taken together, to the press. One of them is the photo that they were taken in Hyde Park, London. Gül gave it to Gerald MacLean, who has inked a great book about him in the words of Fehmi Koru, to make it published.

Koru said the followings about this photo:

“Three bearded men sitting in deckchairs in Hyde Park: Me, Abullah Gül and Şükrü Karatepe. Şükrü Karatepe is a lawyer and a professor of political science, He is on television programs almost every night to defend the ‘constitutional amendment’ package as a presidential advisor.

Şükrü Karatepe is strongly defending the constitutional change that I opposed. Abdullah Gül is quiet about it.

Those who are curious can search Abdullah Gül’s explanations on this subject while he was president and finds out what Gül’s answer is.”

Fehmi Koru also said he will ‘no’ in tomorrow’s referendum.

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