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Opposition voting regions being shuffled without even notifying voters

In 12 neighborhood in Batman, known as majority HDP-voters living,  38 thousands 540 voters’ voting places have been changed with last minute decision, Turkish press reported. And even political parties and voters haven’t been notified over this decision. “The goal with this decision is to prevent voters to go to ballot boxes and to confuse them,” said Mehmet Ali Aslan, HDP Batman parlamentarian.

In neighborhoods that HDP has more than 80 percent vote rate — Belde, Cudi, Gültepe, Pazaryeri, GAP, Petrol, Raman, Tılmerç, Seyitler, Petrolkent, Huzur and 19 Mayıs — the ballot boxes are combined with other voting places without any explanation.

According to Dihaber, Provincial Election Board gave notice to mukhtars, not political parties. In response, HDP officals wanted to get information about the issue from Director of Election Board but, they said that director replied them with this: “We already notified mukhtars, we don’t have to notify you. Go and do whatever you want to do.”

No notification either to parties or to voters

Based on the data that HDP collected, 38 thousand 540 voters are going to vote at that changed 103 ballot boxes. HDP Batman parlamentarian Mehmet Ali Aslan emphasized that notifications were given only to neighborhood mukhtars and said, “There were no notification to us, our officals and to our voters. This decision is against the law and regulations.”

Aslan is stating that the goal here is to prevent voters to go to ballot boxes in last day and to confuse them. “Voters are unaware of this decision. And they also didn’t notify us, HDP. Even our party officials made formal application, they didn’t get any notice. Our party officals learned new voting places from mukhtars after contacting them,” he added.

“We will protect our ballot boxes”

Aslan called on public to be careful about this kind of situations and said, “They always must be in touch with our party and their neighborhood mukhtars. If there are any changes, they need to be ready for referendum. No matter how hard they will try to keep us away from ballot boxes, we will protect our votes.”

HDP filed an appeal to Supreme Election Council and Provincial Election Board over this decision.

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