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Erdogan two days to referendum likens ‘NO’ votes to ”excrements”

President Erdogan in central Anatolian city of Konya had a rally on Friday, 2 days to referendum.

Erdogan slams OSCE this time

Erdogan first slammed OSCE for its interim report, and said: “There is an organization called OSCE. They are saying, if YES vote wins the referendum, it means there are troubles here. Who are you? I know who you are. You can not give a report like that. Regardless, this nation will do the right thing Sunday evening.”

Erdogan likens ‘No’ votes to ”excrements”

[For the referendum] “there are no ballots. So there are no party emblems. White; you understand. So that’s YES. You also know what brown means.”



Erdogan: No more motions of censures

“They were trying to halt government operations; no-confidence vote in the evening,  no-confidence vote in the morning. From 1950’s [to today] the opposition asked for a total of 484 no-confidence votes. Why did they do it? To stop the government operations. No more ‘no confidence vote’s after this [referendum]. Motion to censure is yours now. Every five years.”

“They did the same thing for the April 16th public vote. We don’t want this for ourselves; we want this for the future of our country.”

Erdogan: I will approve the death penalty

(Addressing the slogans for reinstating death penalty) “My brothers and sisters this is another decision you will make on Sunday. I will approve [reinstating the death penalty] if the parliament passes the law. We cannot forgive the murderers of our martyrs. Let’s say the bill didn’t pass [the parliament]; we will do another referendum. People will decide.”

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