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CHP Deputy ‘Dursun Çiçek revealed a statement on ratio of ’occult NO voters’ for referendum

CHP Istanbul deputy Dursun Çicek said, “I believe that approximately 10 percent of our citizens who seem to be undecided on their choice are secret ‘NO voters“.

CHP’s Çiçek, during his visit to City of Karabük emphasizing that  AKP Karabük deputy Mehmet Ali Şahin was Minister of Justice when Ergenekon and Sledgehammer held and said following:

“Now we hear it, that they try to put ‘FETO’  and CHP in same picture. I had submitted a criminal complaint against him while I was in the prison. He had a statement  and saying” Turkey is cleansing his intestines “in Karabük, the same phrase belongs to Bülent Arınç. Now I want to ask him. Has it cleared the intestines of Turkey, or it opened an evil organization called ‘FETO’.  They owe an apology  for their statements to us , the victims of the the case, and the Turkish nation.”

The rate of occult NO voters is 10 percent

Çiçek in his statement also said, “‘Our ‘NO’ posters are  being gathered after 5-6 hours. Everyplace is filled with ‘YES’ banners. They make things easier for ’ YES’ campaigners while threatening whomever campaigns for ‘NO’. So I do not believe that the answers given by the citizens to the questionnaires are sincere, I believe that approximately 10 percent of citizens who are seeming to be undecided are the secret ‘NO voters’ We do not have a scientific value to survey studies under such a oppressed environment.

Denizalp Göktaş

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