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Happy Birthday, Metin Göktepe!

Yesterday was the birthday of Evrensel Newspaper’s correspondent Metin Göktepe who was killed on his way to cover a story that he felt he had to follow the leads.

Evrensel published a commemoration for his death in Turkish, follows:

He would have been 49 years old today if he had survived from the police torture after his arrest on his way to cover the story on 8thJanuary 1996.

Metin Göktepe’s birthday is being celebrated with a journalist award show, honoring his name just like for past 17 years. Awards will be handed over tonight.

Metin Göktepe’s life story

He was born in Çipil, a village of Sivas city on 10th April 1968. As 7th kid of family with 8 children, making their living through agriculture and raising livestock, he lived there till he was 11 years old.

He got admitted to the department of public finance under the school of economics at Istanbul University in 1989. During his university years, he was heavily involved with youth movements. He was arrested many times during a period of both students and workers movements were very popular.

When he learnt that a periodical (Haberde and Yorumda Gerçek) supporting workers’ movement would be published, he joined to work in March 1992. He stayed and worked there as a correspondent throughout its life and later on joined to Evrensel newspaper which began to publish on 7th June 1995. Metin’s dead body was found near a gym where he was taken to custody by the law enforcement while he was covering a story on 8 January 1996 in Eyüp suburb of Istanbul.

The policemen who were responsible with misconduct on his controversial death served only 20 months and were released under “Rahşan’s pardon”. Trial of the policemen responsible for the murder of Metin Göktepe made him the first journalist among many who died under arrest

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