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Everything we know about how the “resolution process”‘ is broken may change

Important Progress for Ceylanpinar : Footprints did not match

An important progress occurred about Ceylanpinar incident which was indicated as the reason to end “the resolution process”. The footprints of suspect located at the flat did not match with the defendant’s.

Regarding the case of 2 murdered policemen in Ceylanpinar, detailed crime scene Report of Urfa Police was presented to the court on 10th of March. In the report, it was seen that the footprints collected from the flat in which the executions were made, did not match with any of the 9 defendants’.

After Suruc massacre (bombing) happened on 20 July 2015, 2 police officers Feyyaz Yumusa and Okan Acar were found dead in their flats on 22 July 2015. Both were shot from head. Offensive weapon was a gun with silencer. Thereafter AKP government ended the resolution process , and initiated military and police operations in southeast cities of Turkey.

4 Defendants are still under arrest

For the case handled by Urfa 2nd Criminal Court, there 9 defendants , of 4 are under arrest. During 4th session of the case, interesting details revealed. Detailed crime scene report was sent to court on 10th of March. None of the footprints matched with any of the defendants.

Footprints of one of the defendants O.K. were found in the opposite flat of the crime scene who was accused to make the executions. In his statement, he mentioned that the flat was rented for his friend M.A. to live upon marriage and they went to clean the flat 1 week prior to the wedding. M.A. and his brother L.A. were released on 8th of November 2016 after long period of imprisonment. M.C.Y., Sedat A. , Huseyin A. and Hasa. A who are accused to help the executions, are still under arrest

Polices gave contradictory statements

Policemen,  E.G. and M.D. who spent the day together with Okan Acar before the executions were made , gave contradictory statements. M.D., Housemate of E.G., said that he had learnt the incident from E.G. on the same day at 08.40 AM and continued : “Altough our shift starts at 09.00 AM, my housemate , policeman E.G. started acting fussy around 08.40 and when I asked him the reason, he told me that Okan and Feyyaz had committed suicide. However E.G. never mentioned M.D. in his statement on 2nd of January and indicated a 3rd policeman as housemate. E.G. was requested to make his statement also on 25 July 2015 and he stated that one of his friends had called him on 22 July at 10.05 AM and asked him to come to Okan’s place and when he was waiting in front of the apartment, he learned from the market owner that 2 policement had commited suicide. E.G. told that he had gone to the crime scene accordingly. It was noted that E.G. never mentioned about his housemate M.D. during his statement in the court and police quarters.

Denunciation was groundless

Denunciation caused arrestment of 7 defendants, were also understood to be groundless. T.B. who is asserted to make the denunciation stated that 10 gsm lines were purchased with his identity and he never used the number from which the denunciation was made and he underlined that he did not make the denunciation

On the other hand, 19 policement who was investigating the crime and first judge during the investigation phase were removed from duty. One witness from the neighborhood stated that murdered policemen returned to their flat with 2 of their friends on that evening.

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