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Even Cumhuriyet’s accountants and couriers getting arrested now!

Two Cumhuriyet daily staff Emre İper- accounting service officer- and Yavuz Yakışkan -motor courier-, sent a massage through their lawyers saying they’re innocent and there is nothing wrong that they did.

They have been under custody and still staying at Anti-Terrorism Branch Diroctorate of Vatan Police Station. 

Yakışkan’s detention is on its fourth day and there is also a privacy ruling on the file of İper. Even the lawyers of Cumhuriyet aren’t informed yet about what they were accused of according to Cumhuriyet. Nobody knows when the presecuters will start to interrogate of Yakışkan and İper.

Cumhuriyet lawyers met with İper and Yakışkan yesterday. İper and Yakışkan sent a message via his lawyers and said: ‘We’re above board, there’s nothing wrong that we did. So our only concern is about if our newspaper Cumhuriyet and our friends are OK. Don’t worry about us.’

Ebru Aksay

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