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Suspected Coupist General: ”If I am under suspicion, why Chief of General Staff let me work 7 hours in the crisis management team after coup?”

‘Flash claim from  arrested Mehmet Dişli on claims of being coupist on July 15th : I had an appointment with Erdogan’

Mehmet Dişli who was part of the group which detained Hulusi Akar during the coup attempt: AKP’s Deputy Chairman is my brother, and arranged an appointment with Erdoğan on July 18th for me.

AKP Deputy Chairman Şaban Dişli’s brother-in-law, Maj. Gen. Mehmet Dişli, claimed that he had an appointment with President Erdogan on July 18th, a briefing on 466 projects which were about “Strategic Transformation of the Turkish Armed Forces”.

According to Asuman Karaca from Sozcu Daily Newspaper, Disli added to his testimony given to prosecuter ”The appointment was arranged by my brother Şaban Disli. I  was going to present the project of the General Staff to move to the moon-star building in Etimesgut. If a coup d’etat is scheduled on Friday, why should I make an appointment for the President 2 days after the coup? If I am under suspicion, then why did Hulusi Akar took me to Çankaya Lodge on the helicopter with himself? “

Disli said followings:

466 PROJECTS …:  I have worked on 466 projects which include the strategic transformation of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), new defense and security structure, strategy of combating terrorism, removal of barracks from the city, move of force headquarters and General Staff building into a new moon-star center in Etimesgut, new force and command structure project, establishment of the TSK university, long-range missiles and laser weapons systems. All of these projects belong to me and my team.  We had an appointment with Mrs. President of the Republic of Turkey on July 18th to explain the projects. My older brother, Saban Disli, arranged this appointment. In this regard, he can testify. If I was going to attempt the coup on Friday, why do I need to make an appointment to tell the President about our projects for two days from Friday? I am not part of FETO, this is an untruthful defamation.

HOW COULD I WORK FOR 7 HOURS: During the events, I was with Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar. In that regard, we must be in same position. I did what I needed to prevent the coup and ensure the safety of the Chief of General Staff. If I am under suspicion in this incident, then Chief of General Staff Akar took me to the helicopter and why took me with him to  Çankaya Mansion, where he allowed me to work for about 7 hours in the crisis management team?

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