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Outlawed banners becoming the norm

AKP launched a complaint against two “No” banners that were hanging on buildings in the center of Yenişehir province on two separate buildings. In response to the complaint, the Yenişehir Election Board decided to remove the signs. The first banner, which hung outside the Chamber of Architects building, read “Say no to save our area of profession, our communal living, our laicism, our democracy, our republic, and the future of our country and people.” Not to far away, the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers hung banners that both said “No for our homeland, country, professions, and our children.” The decision to remove these banners elicited reactions from members of the opposition parties, including Şerife Arıcı Yıldız (CHP), Hamza Aygün (MHP), and Hamza Ağaç (HDP). 

The referendum is to blame

An assassination attempt against Sinan Oğan, MHP MP, was thwarted at the last minute during his visit to the city of Bafra, according to government officials. As Oğan was visiting shopkeepers, security officials noticed a man with a gun in his hand, who then fled the scene. Local police were notified and conduced a city-wide search for the suspect.

In a speech made by Oğan the same day at the Bafra Culture Center, he said, “As he was preparing an assassination attempt, he fled. Turkey has been brought to this point because of the ‘yes, no’ vote.”

The person in question was later taken into custody by police, who found that he had an empty gun and then let go after stating that it was only coincidence he was caught up in the crowd with a weapon.

 Leyla Amur

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