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‘No’ Party Chairman: The cost of the ‘Yes’ campaign exceeded 1 billion Turkish Lira; no tolerance to three ‘No’ banners!

“Every ‘no’ written with halal (permissible) money disturbs the ‘Yes’ campaign whose financing source is unclear.”

‘No’ Party Chairman Tuna Beklevic claimed that the budget of the ‘Yes’ campaign has exceeded 1 billion liras, stating that they are ‘competing with cruel people who cannot tolerate three “No” banners.’

Beklevic indicated that they are fighting with a mindset [the ‘Yes’ campaign] that is against everything that is halal. He further stated that “They have allergies to the ‘No’ campaign; they cannot tolerate even one banner because they made with the allowances of independent students and the salaries of pensioners. They are approaching the campaign aggressively as they worry about why they have lost the trust of the people and where we have made mistakes. This [‘No’] campaign has the blessing for it.”

Beklevic has given the following comments in his written statement:

The budget of the ‘Yes’ campaign is over 1 billion liras. Political power is not won by trying to run a campaign with this much money. It is instead being used to try and build a new regime. 

We [the ‘No’ Party] are carrying out an Anatolian Program with a single billboard charge. On the other hand, the ‘Yes’ campaign which depends on unknown monetary sources, is the cruellest and most brutal campaign in the world. They didn’t even allow the establishment of this party.

People are afraid of saying ‘No’ in the polls due to the environment of fear created by them. They have decorated the whole country with ‘Yes’ banners, dressed the buildings with ‘Yes’ banners, but they can’t tolerate our three ‘No’ banners. This is because they are afraid of the simple structure of the campaign which has been carried out by dozens of patriots independent from each other. They are afraid of the banners because they are financed by the pocket-money of students, the salaries of workers and retired people.  

They have also cancelled meetings in halls. Each ‘no’ written with halal money is disturbing the ‘Yes’ campaign with its unknown financial sources.

The ‘No’ campaign is a halal campaign. We have only visited 66 cities, 155 towns and 1210 villages.  The public are asking and so are we: “Be accountable, explain and outline the budget of the ‘Yes’ campaign, how much of this campaign budget is our taxes and how much is supplied by contractors?”

Ebru Aksay

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