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Jaw dropping $24 million donations to US based pro-AKP TURKEN Foundation

Astronomical amount of donation have been made to TÜRKEN Foundation, which is established in USA in 2014 by TÜRGEV and ENSAR Foundations (TURGEV and ENSAR are closely linked to the Turkey’s ruling party AKP), reported by abc daily.

According to USA Tax Office IRS offical reports, in 2015, more than 24 million dollars donations have been made to TÜRKEN Foundation , which founded in status of the tax-exempt of educational institutions. (24,460,759 million dolars)

The source of donation, which TÜRKEN notified IRS about it,  is not shown in ‘no.990’ tax form.

TÜRKEN Foundation Board of Directors includes close people to President Erdoğan, such as his cousin Halil Mutlu, Esra Albayrak, Ömer Faruk Albayrak.

İbrahim Bacacı, a member of Board of Directors of Ensar Foundation, is also a member of TÜRKEN Board of Directors.

In tax document ‘TURKEN 990 FORM 2015’, Memiş Yetim, accountant and member of board of directors of foundation, is seen as the person who did notification.

TÜRKEN USA Foundation paid $120,731 of estate tax for more than 20 millions worth of their property holdings.

In form been told that Foundation has goals to provide accommodation, education, scholarships and donations to students, and to encourage cultural awareness and to introduce Islam to Americans.

And according to same form, Türken made a $312k donation to Albanian Islamic Cultural Center in New York.

Wondering that who has donated more than $24 million to TÜRKEN Foundation, established by TÜRGEV and ENSAR Foundations, and whether donations will continue as same level in upcoming years or not.

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