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Luxembourg: Registered Turkish voters: 571, Votes cast: 9729

Monday, April 10 marked the end of voting for the constitutional referendum at foreign embassies and consulates. There were 1,400,046 citizens who voted in 57 countries, with record-breaking levels of participation at 47%, with the most notable results from Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. 

In Germany, out of the registered 1,430,127 citizens, 695,435 went to the polls, and out of the 254,841 registered voters in Holland, 123,454 voted.  

The Supreme Election Council (Yüksek Seçim Kurulu, YSK) paved the way for voters residing in a foreign country to vote in the country of their choice, which led to a vote in Luxembourg. While the number of registered voters in Luxembourg was 571, the number of votes cast was 9,729. Voters registered in neighbouring countries France and Germany preferred to vote in Luxembourg on grounds that it was closer to them.

Leyla Amur

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