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Local Turks in Western Turkey Attacked A Syrian Group after a dispute, burnt tents

The Public Rebelled, Syrians Left the District!

A group of Pamukyazı District residence attacked with bats and scythes to Syrian refugees who had been accused with punishing a Turkish child in Torbalı, İzmir. 30 people -one is seriously- injured. After the event, 500 Syrian refugees left the district with carrying their belongings many Turkish media outlets reported.

Some of Turkish media reported the events ”racist.”

The event in Pamukyazı reportedly began after a group of Syrians started to beat up a Turkish child yesterday. In the fight between the family of the child who heard the attack and Syrians, knives and bats were used. The other residents also joined to the fight, 30 Syrians -one seriously- wounded. The injured were treated at Torbalı State Hospital, seriously wounded Mustafa M., 22, transferred with an ambulance into İzmir Atatürk Research Hospital.

After the stresfull night, 300 people group with bats met in this morning and started to go through the area where Syrians live in make-shift houses. When Syrians became aware of the attack, left their tents and the district.

They wanted to leave Torbalı by hitchhike but no car vehicles stopped to take them on Torbalı-Tire highway. So they left away by walking.

After they left, the angry group closed the Torbalı-Selçuk highway to traffic for sometime and then burnt and destroyed tents of Syrians. The headman of Pamukyazı district, Ali Çürükçü said: ‘It was impossible to stop the local residents. They are so furious. We don’t want any Syrians in our district. The state should collect and place them into the camps.’

İzmir Commender of Gendarmerie made a statement about the events. According to the statement, in the first day of the events occured, Syrians, A.A., M.A., M.H. and A.H., were taken and then were released by the prosecutor. It is also added that all the precautions were taken to prevent the similar events to occur in the region.

Ebru Aksay from Turkish Press reports

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