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Governorship of Istanbul banned Turkish Communist Party Referendum Organization once again

After Governorship of Istanbul banned the Turkish Communist Party (TKP) Referendum Organisation in Kadikoy Yogurtu Park on 2nd April Sunday, now their “NO for Referendum organization in Kartal to take place on 8th of April is also banned, reported by Sol news portal. Reason was stated that there are different open-air meeting would be hold in Istanbul and not enough police force was present for both organisations.  

Statement made from TKP upon banning is as follow : “We wont give the chance to President Erdogan to accuse us for creating trouble. However we will be following this case on legal platform. We will prove once again that they can not turn down the voice of labor class. We are calling all our citizens , artists, unionists, academics and highbrows to sell “DO NOT SURRENDER” journal on 8th April at 16.00.

You can ban demonstration but cannot turn down our voice

Governership of Istanbul did not approve the organization to be held in Kartal Sqaure on 8t April. Organisation of 2 different meeting beside TKP organisation on the same day was indicated as the reason. Verbally our party officials were told that due to the organisations of AKP and HDP in Istanbul , there was not enough police force for a 3rd organization. In this way, Ministry of Interior announces that they would use all police force to protect President Erdoğan during his show in Yenikapı. However TKP organization in Kartal would be held like festival, disciplined and safely and no need of police force. In reality, governorship stated that they would not be able to find enough police force to isolate, frighten the people coming to the organization and prevent entry to the demonstration area.


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