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The Court Ordered Details of Third Parties Paying for Mr. Zarrab’s Legal Fees



The decision of the pre-hearing for a Curcio hearing regarding the Turkish-Iranian Gold trader Reza Zarrab who is accused of evading the U.S. Sanctions on Iran was published today. The court dismissed the defense lawyers’ argument that Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Mukasey joining the defense team for Mr. Zarrab does not constitute a conflict of interest. Mr. Brafman argued that Giuliani and Mukasey will not appear in court or help prepare for trial but are merely seeking a “diplomatic solution” to the case and that the issue is “quite frankly none of the Government’s business.”

At the hearing, Brafman argued that Zarrab had the “absolute right” to meet anyone and if he chose to meet with another counselor advisor without telling anyone and there should be no issue.



The Judge citing the Court’s dual obligation to Mr. Zarrab and to ensure the integrity of the Court is “obligated to investigate the facts and details of the attorney’s interests” decided on a Curcio hearing later this month.

The judge confirming that the prosecution’s demand for a Curcio hearing was justified and Messrs. Mukasey and Giuliani’s involvement is the Court’s “business.” The court ordered the affidavits, affirmations, and exhibits including copies of the attorneys’ retainer agreements with Mr. Zarrab and with the “victim banks,” along with any agency relationship agreements and retainer agreements with the Republic of Turkey.

The Court also ordered documents related to the identity of any persons and parties paying Mr. Zarrab’s legal fees and expenses other than Mr. Zarrab himself.

Curcio Hearing to be held on April 24th. The judge asked both sides to provide answers by then.



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