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Akıncı Air Base Coup Indictment is out

Top defendant of the indictment is Fetullah Gülen, the leader of Gülen movement, and the second one is Adil Öksüz. The other person at Akıncı Base in the night of July 15, Kemal Batmaz comes third in the list. In indictment, 303 times life sentence is asked for defendants and, Akıncı Base is stated as the operations centre for coup attempt.

In indictment, Adil Öksüz, alleged to be ‘Imam of Air Forces of Turkish Armed Forces’, is detected as ByLock user in 2014. Also, his wife Aynur Öküz, his brother Mehmet Öksüz and his brother-in-law Ali Sami Yıldırım are detected as ByLock user.

While it’s been noted that 25 pilots, who were flying with F-16’s, carried out 11 bombing actions, 2 pilots were also tasked for following President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Kocaman stated that the bombing incidents of TBMM, autopark and crossover road around Presidential Complex, Special Operations Department, TURKSAT and Ankara Police Headquartes are in scoop of indictment as well.

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