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Indictment: Turkish soldiers carried US weapons to Akıncı Base for coup attempt


Pro-government newspaper Yenişafak reported that according to indictment on Akincilar Airbase, one of headquarters of coup attempt, ”junta members, who were in USA on duty before July 15th, brought ammunition and delivered to Akıncı Base, which was the control center of the coup attempt” according to the testimony of Senior Master Sergeant Sinan Sarı, who is among the Kayseri suspects of the indictment. Ammunition was carried on a A400M cargo plane which took off from Kayseri 12th Air Transportation Main Base Command.


Sarı, a technician under Kayseri 221st Fleet Command, told that they went to USA on July 5th, on duty as a group of five: “I went to McGuire Air Force Base, we took off from here on July 8th or 9th. Our plane on the route back to Turkey had an engine failure, so we crash-landed to Canada Gander airport. We waited for a repair team and flew back to Turkey exchanging planes with them. We delivered fuel in England and finally landed at Akıncı Base to deliver the ammunition we brought from USA. After the delivery, we went back to our registered air base.


It was noticeable that Captain Yasin Çetin who was the plane commander of the group visiting USA did not mention any ammunition brought. Çetin, who claimed not to know anything about the coup attempt, said: “On July 14th, I arrived from Canada, where I was on duty. I overheard my friends in my unit talking about intense duty on the weekend and having arrived from overseas duty recently, I reproached about a new one.” During the coup attempt, Çetin was tasked in the GÖREN airplane which took off from Kayseri and was flying guard over Ankara.

Guliz Turker


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