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Pro-AKP Columnist: US-Germany-England Want to break off AKP-Neo-Nationalist Alliance

“With the international intelligence services, FETÖ wants to disrupt the ‘AKP-nationalist alliance’ against terrorism in Turkey”.

These statements are written by Mahmut Övür who is a columnist from the pro-government newspaper, Sabah.

Övür mentioned about the international secret services’ (CIA, BND and MI6) claims, in which they say that “the FETÖ members were not alone in the coup attempt, Kemalist soldiers were also in the business”, in his column.

Sabah newspaper columnist Mahmut Övür: The goal is to deepen the polarization

His words continued as follows: “The goal is certain; spoiling the alliance that occurs spontaneously and naturally between AK Party and neo-nationalist against FETÖ and terrorism, deepening the existing social polarization.”

Mahmut Övür has opened space for expressions of writer Cengiz Sapmaz, who said that he knows the PKK very well, in his column. He explained the goals of international powers:

“In the first step, stability in the state is wanted to be blown up. With the second step, AK Party is brought face to face with the Kemalist staff who performed a successful graphic especially in the battle with the PKK and Kemalist staff wants to be offended. With the third step, it is desired to reawaken the conviction that FETÖ is actually a civil and democratic organisation and they did not plan the coup attempt that held on the July 15.”

The pro-government writer Ömer Turan also said that international powers want to split the national alliance that formed against terrorism.

Translated by Osman Bilgin

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