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Erdogan says since his gvt appointed trustees to Diyarbakir, ‘everything started to change’

Speaking at an address in southeastern Diyarbakir province, Erdogan said that his mayorship was removed from office as a mayor of Istanbul. 

While Erdogan speaking in Diyarbakır and recalling how he was victimized by being sent to jail and his mayorship is taken, it is well known that his government appointed Mr. Cumali Atilla as trustee to Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality last year. Therefore, his own government was the one who took mayorship of Diyarbakır and dozens of others cities mostly in Southeast from elected officials, accusing them for having ties to a terrorist organization.

During his speech, Erdoğan also commented on the appointed trustee.

“We should ask; what were you doing when you had the municipalities in your hands? Look how everything started to change after trustees were appointed. This is an issue of love. We want to bring Diyarbakir with a stadium fit for its glory. Hopefully, it will be open to service this August,” he said. 

Erdoğan also said that “they are ready to talk to anybody without weapons.”

“We are ready to talk to and walk on the same road with anybody who has something to say or has a concern. We only have one condition; no one should be armed and try to divide the country and the people,” he added. “Those PKK supporters say ‘peace, peace, peace’. Will there be a peace with fine words? Will there be a peace with those roaming with guns in their hand,” added also Erdogan. 

“We are the guardian of peace, we are the guardian of freedoms,” He said. 

Melike Gül Demir

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